Cremation for the 21st Century

Nobody knows cremation like Burn-Easy.  After more than 40 years R&K Incinerator is still leading the industry for on site animal carcass disposal.  For 3 generations we have been a small family owned facility that has taken great pride in customer satisfaction by constructing a simple to use yet high quality cremator.  Through the years the Burn-Easy incinerator has led the industry in reliability, cost saving functionality, and hassle free maintenance.  Our time tested, customer approved design is currently available in 11 models with 2 different styles.

Burn-Easy incinerators are currently being used for a wide variety of applications.  They include all phases of swine and poultry production as well as beef, dairy, veterinarians, humane societies, small and large pet cremation services, law enforcement offices, international hospitals, road kill facilities, butcher shops, small pet breeders, hunting and fishing outfitters and taxidermist studios.


The Burn-Easy Horizontal Burning Chamber

Burn-Easy pioneered and patented the horizontal Burning chamber where flames and heat pass over and around The carcass instead of from the bottom up. This results in a cleaner more thorough burn.

- Spiral Flame action increase burn retention for a clean complete burn
- Re-burns airborne particles before they reach the flue helping to eliminate residue
- Rapid incineration reduces fuel consumption.  

Our Patented Liner

Our patented Liner and method of installation sets us apart from all other cremators. 
Our one of a kind material has been perfected over the past 20 years to provide you with features that cant be found in any other cremator.  Not only does our liner insulate but it also acts as a burner by reflecting heat and distributing it evenly over and around the carcass.

- Liner can withstand heat of up to 3000 F
- Life expectancy of 5000 plus hours insures years of use.
- High insulation value results in less heat loss which gives you a low outside shell temperature and saves you money.
- Pre-cured using top of the line methods.  This ensures that the liner is of the highest quality and any defects are eliminated before the tile is placed in your unit.

Repairable & Replaceable
Our liner is in block form.  The advantage of using block form over solid pour is that it is easily repaired and can be replaced in the field.  We designed the liner so that it can be repaired not replaced. You can change individual tile easily and effectively when necessary.  The liner may also be completely replaced in your shop in about 4-5 hours with commonly used tools.  You can replace your liner for roughly half the cost of buying another unit.  This feature is only found on the Burn-Easy. 


The Burn Easy Burner

Our patented, thermostatically controlled crematories operate similar to a convection oven. When the temperature inside the chamber reaches the desired level, the burner shuts down, but air is then forced into the chamber so that the carcass continues to burn. Independent major university studies show the unique design of the Burn Easy Cremator saves up to 65% on fuels consumption, resulting in a savings of more than a gallon of fuel per hour.

-Auto ignition allows you to fill incinerator set timer and walk away.
-Single burner unit reduces maintenance cost
-The ability to field set the control unit allows you to optimize individual burning needs
-Simple burner designs allows for hassle free maintenance and operation
-Reduces 100lbs of carcass to less the 1 gallon of ash
-Multiple fuel choices are available.  LP, Natural Gas, and Diesel.



The Burn-Easy Crematory

The outside shell of the Burn-Easy was engineered and is built for years of dependable use.  After 40 years our  basic design has  proven to be the industry standard.

-All units are constructed of 3/8” – ½” steel tanks.
-Reinforced 1”x2” bar prevents warping and adds life to the shell
-Solid welding prevents breakage
-Low loading height allows you to load the unit with little effort
-Overall shipping weight of unit is very low compared to competitors.  This allows you to unload and move your unit easily without special equipment.  


Units have been EPA tested by various independent air quality firms.  They will meet or exceed strict standards.  Test booklets are available through the factory.  We can assist you in completing any necessary forms.